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Warsztat Produkcji Oklein
Wawrów 101, 66-403 Gorzów Wlkp.
cell phone:  +48 533 533 52

Producer of natural veneer


Welcome to the website of our veneer-production workshop.

The company has been run since 1982. It specialises in the production of natural pine veneer.

We always take part in the full process in person. We choose trees in the forest and assist in cutting them down and the manipulation of each trunk need for production.

The raw material prepared in this manner is boiled and then bark is removed. Each block processed in the company is cut flat.

Veneer obtained during production reaches the fallowing dimensions:

  • width from 80 mm upwards, 

  • length from 800 mm to 2300 mm, 

  • thickness: 0,7 mm, 0,9 mm, 1,2 mm, 1,5 mm.

 Pine veneer produced in our company has its proper colour and pattern:

  • veins - width: 11 cm - 16 cm, 17 cm - 26 cm, 27 cm upwards,

  • semi veins - width: 12 cm upwards,

  • striped ruffle (ornamental border) - width: 8 cm - 11 cm, 12 cm, 13 cm upwards,

in classes ranging from I to III of Polish Standard PN - 85 / D - 97002.

The material ordered by the client is picked from the manufacturer's warehouse.

Prices and payment deadlines may be negotiated.

We also produce pine veneer in diverse dimensions according to the client's needs.

Furthermore, we offer boards remaining after cutting veneer and veneer wastes.

We are always interested in successful cooperation and therefore, we present our offer to new clients.



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