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About Us
Veneers Production Workshop has existed since 1982. We specialize in the production of natural pine veneer and with each passing year we improve the technological process. The company's goal is to sell the highest quality materials to produce furniture, doors, wind ...

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Wawrów 101, 66-403 Gorzów Wlkp.
cell phone:  +48 533 533 52

Natural veneer

 How it is made

The whole process strats in the forest with selecting trees by our employee. Then, the trees are cut down and manipulated in given time. The wood used during production comes exclusively from Polish State Forest according to FSC standards - certificate no. SGS-FM/COS-000243. The wood also meets PEFC criteria and markers - certificate no. CLS/724/2014 UDT-CERT.

Material gained in this way is boiled in a tank with very hot water. Then bark is removed and wooden blocks are cut flat properly. We produce 0,9 mm or 1,5 mm slices. We can also make 0,7 mm and 1,2 mm slices for a special order.

The next step of production is bordering of veneer with a guillotine (also the length when needed) in order to gain the product according to the following dimensions:

- width: 8 cm and upwards,

- length: 80 -230 cm.

Afterwards, veneer is dried in a drying room and collected. We also check its humidity, make packs and categorise them in classes ranging from I to III according to PN-85/D-97002.

The final product - natural veneer has its proper colour and pattern (veins, semi-veins, striped ruffle).
In the end, the veneer is put into chambers and it waits for its purchaser.



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